Cyber Security

If you are looking for assurance that your company is secure from a technology perspective then please get in touch. We have over 25 years experience in protecting businesses of all sizes. 

We begin by identifying any vulnerabilities and offering a range of solution options to mitigate them. We provide a speedy and effective assessement to determine what your business needs to do to ensure it is secure and we can also provide support in terms of resources and expertise.

Internet Threats

As we all know the Internet has become integral to everyday life, as it offers so many benefits and yet there are many threats which need to be managed to ensure your business is not compromised. From the key card brands perspective, if you have a website, provide e-commerce services or take payments from customers, then you are legally liable if you get hacked.  Small businesses may outsource development of their websites, but they are still vulnerable to receiving signigicant fines from the card brands, such as Visa and Mastercard.

If you would like assurance that your website is secure we offer a selection of testing services, which are outlined below.
This is one of the most common forms of attack you may face, as it can be done remotely, from anywhere in the world. Cyber criminals will review specific details about you and your business by performing a reconnaissance on publicly available information to look for potential weaknesses.

During this reconnaissance they will normally find out information such as any IP addresses you own, any web sites you have, names of employees and contact details and use search engines to find any information that may be accessible without your knowledge such as confidential configuration files, sensitive documents, or misconfigurations.
Most businesses do not realise that certain types of attack focused on a poorly coded web application, can result in the total compromise of the web application, the host it is installed on and all data in its associated databases. Attacks vary and some will only target clients connecting to your site, whilst others may lead to defacement or a breach of data, causing embarrassment for the company and potential fines from banks or acquirers if handling clinet payments.

Many small and medium sized businesses are not aware that they will be held directly responsible if their site is breached and it is proven that customer credit card data was compromised. This can result in devasting fines and in the worset case scenario, even the possible collapse of the business.
Many compromises are performed behind company firewalls on internal networks either by disgruntled employees, or malicious users who have gained access onto the internal network.

A lot of organisations do not know what is accessible on their network, via just connecting to the network with no username or password onto the domain. In many cases domains and full administrator rights can be achieved by simple misconfigurations, bugs or weak access rights.
Many companies offer some method of easy access onto the network or Internet from their offices which normally involves a wireless network. The wireless networks are often overlooked in vulnerability assessments, however the 802.11 wireless protocol is inherently insecure. Even if your wireless routers and access points have been configured securely, your employees and customers connecting to it could still be attacked by setting up so-called "Evil Twins" or other rogue access points.

This assessment reviews the exposure your wireless network has in your local vicinity and looks for potential weaknesses vulnerable to attack.
This would be considered the entry level test whereby specialised software is used to automatically connect to each host under review and determine what services it is running. Once the service has been determined, it runs a check against thousands of known vulnerabilities for that service and identifies if the host is vulnerable.

Please get in touch for a free Vulnerability Scan.
An organisation that believes it has a secure environment, adequate security policies and procedures in place and employees who are aware of Internet threats and how they may affect the company will want to test how they would fare under a simulated attack (within a controlled environment).

Cyber criminals will always try to identify the weakest links in your business to compromise the organisation and this test helps find vulnerabilities so you can work on mitigating them.