Security audits assess the security of a company's environment, software, hardware, user practices and information handling processes. They are often required to meet some form of regulatory compliance and therefore must follow the guidelines specified under that regulatory body. 

We have experience across the key regulations and compliance standards. 

Why Choose Pentara?

Internal auditing can also be a great tool to demonstrate to your clients that your business has sound policies and controls in place, to ensure it is secure.  If you have a specific requirement to generate internal policies/procedures or documentation please get in touch.
  • We have experience in helping customers with achieving
    • PCI compliance
    • ISO 27001
    • Cyber Essentials (Plus)
  • We tailor our approach to your organisation's specific needs
  • We use the right tools for the task
If you are you putting your company through a security audit process and need some help, please let us know. You may need some support in terms of skills, resources and consultancy to generate all the required processes and documentation required for an audit. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


We have worked with many customers, across multiple industries and have included some testimonials below.
Pentara can be trusted with the most challenging of projects and stakeholders. They are thorough, diligent and adept at taking clients on the journey with them. They are exceptional at what they do. The feedback I received about their work, from the COO to colleagues on the ground, was universally glowing.
I worked with Pentara for a number of years and will do anything for you whilst their levels of professionalism know no bounds. Their work is exemplary and their knowledge and expertise is world class. As a CISO I couldn’t ask for any more and I highly recommend Pentara.
I had the good fortune to work alongside Pentara for a few years. Over and above their brilliant displays of technical skills and ability to "compromise" environments of all flavours, I was always impressed with their ability to translate technical deficiencies and risks into real-world concepts and actions for clients. The manner in which Pentara conducts their work is indicative of the genuine care they have for clients and the extensive experience gained from years of being in the penetration testing industry. If you'd hate to see your environment hacked, I'd strongly advise letting Pentara have a look before someone else does!