Simulated Attack Test

If you believe you have a secure environment and that all your security policies and procedures are in place and your employees are fully aware of the Internet threats and how they can affect your company, you may wish to test how you would fare under a simulated attack (within a controlled environment).  Cyber criminals will always try the weakest links to compromise you and this test helps find those links.

The simulated attack is designed to test your readiness. We check your web applications, your Internet presence, your employees and your physical site and wireless footprint to probe and look for compromise. The goal of the test is normally set by the customer but is normally compromising the security in some way. Examples include compromising employee emails, getting onto the internal network, cracking the wireless networks, stealing confidential data or infiltrating the server room onsite. Because the scope can be varied, a discussion will be made on what type of attack are acceptable and what is the ultimate goal. We can customise the attack to test your Blue Team's ability to catch any attack and use any known attack vectors that are used by cyber criminals. We also use the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques which is based on real-world attacks and observations to simulate the attack scenario.