Wireless Penetration Testing

Most companies offer some method of easy access onto the network or Internet from their offices which normally involves a wireless network. The wireless networks are often overlooked in vulnerability assessments however the 802.11 wireless protocol is inherently insecure. Even if your wireless routers and access points have been configured securely, your employees and customers connecting to it could still be attacked by setting up so-called "Evil Twins" or other rogue access points. This assessment reviews the exposure your wireless network has on your local viscinity and looks for potential weaknesses for possible attack.
With this test it is essential for you to provide all the information on your installed access points, SSIDs and locations to get the most out of the test. We perform a "walkabout" with our wireless equipment to see how far your wireless networks leak from your offices. We then look for possible locations where an attacker could launch a wireless attack for later. During our wireless recon we cross reference the information you provide with the MAC addresses we discover to ensure there are no rogue access points in the vicinity. Once we've reviewed your wireless networks and locations, we simulate an attack to try to either hack your configured wireless or coerce clients to connect to us to steal credentials.